Once upon a time, Deb Stover wanted to be Lois Lane -- until she discovered
Clark Kent is a fraud and there is no Superman. Since publication of Shades
of Rose in 1995, Stover has received dozens of awards for her cross-genre
Winnie Sinclair can't explain how she ended up in an Oklahoma
thunderstorm making wild love to Paul Weathers, her ex-husband's
divorce attorney, a.k.a "The Barracuda Lawyer".

And she certainly can't explain how that same storm swept her back to
1896 Indian Territory or why the "barracuda lawyer" now believes he's a
U.S. Marshal. The man still looks like Paul, but gone are the three-piece
suits and the expensive haircut, replaced by a pair of Remingtons and a

Two men, one body, one woman...and no one understands the meaning
of the word "compromise".

4 ½ Stars, Top Pick! ~Romantic Times Book Review
4 ½ Stars! ~ Affaire de Coeur
5 Gold Stars! ~Heartland Critiques
Five Bells! ~Bell, Book and Candle Bookstore

"Clever... original... thoughtful, quick-witted..." ~Publishers Weekly
"Sassy, snappy, sexy... the genre's newest star." ~Jill Smith, Romantic
Times Book Review
"Wildly funny, romantic and totally ingenious!" ~The Literary Times
"Totally original... incomparable. Creativity, thy name is Deb Stover!"
~Heartland Critiques
" A hotter-than-a-pistol story you have to read to believe!" ~Donita
Lawrence, Bell, Book and Candle Bookstore
"Scintillatingly superb..." ~Affaire de Coeur
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The Mulligans: Book 1

A cursed Irish castle, star-crossed lovers, destiny, and comfort food....

Widowed mother and aspiring chef, Bridget Mulligan, leaves small-town
Tennessee and the only home she's ever known to take her son to
Ireland and the in-laws she's never met. They are welcomed by all but
one member of the Mulligan Clan--her brother-in-law, Riley--who
believes she is a fraud and fortune-hunter.  

However, when the old Mulligan Curse lures Bridget to the sealed castle
on their land, Riley Mulligan must face all his demons--the past and the
present--along with the powerful longing both he and Bridget battle for
each other.
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Romance: Paranormal
The Mulligans: Book 2

Return to the sprawling Irish countryside and the delightful Mulligan
family with award-winning author, Deb Stover, where an old curse can
spark the fiery depths of love and passion.  

Maggie Mulligan returns from University to teach school in the small
village of Ballybronagh that adjoins Mulligan land.  When her brother,
Riley, moves his bride and son into the renovated Castle, and their Mum
joins them, Maggie chooses to remain in the family Cottage, and
concentrates on keeping the local school open.

A thirst for revenge and justice takes former New York City police
detective, Nick Desmond, to Ballybronagh, where he hopes to gather
enough evidence to convict his father’s murderer.  Almost immediately,
Nick's yearning for revenge is joined by his overwhelming desire for the
beautiful local schoolteacher.  He finds himself battling more than one
type of danger--one from the past, and one very much present.  His
passion for Maggie threatens to overtake him.  The consequences could
be even more devastating than his original mission, and endanger
himself and the woman who means more to him than one lifetime....
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You will never look at an MRI the same way after reading how a United
States Congressman finds himself transported to the past, where he is
accused of being a spaceman by locals who have recently read the
latest Jules Verne novel.

His adventures include falling in love with a young lady branded a witch
by the superstitious townsfolk, and she believes she "wished" him to the

Can these two lovers find a world they can share?
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Irish maid Molly Riordan never thought she would thank her lucky stars
when her mistress, Lady Elizabeth Summersby, indulged in one night's
indiscretion with a masked waiting in the wilds of the American West.

For Molly, accompanying Lady Elizabeth on this unexpected adventure
creates the chance to find her own father, who fled across the ocean years
ago to make his fortune. But then, a routine stagecoach stop in Colorado
turns into a mishap of epic proportions. Lady Elizabeth is kidnapped, and
the man the Lady is to marry believes Molly is his bride-to-be!

NO PLACE FOR A LADY isn't your traditional historical romance. Explore
the struggles of two families and four growing romances where family is
the theme, and the ties that bond aren't always blood.

"Swift action, riveting drama, and of course a romance to sigh for." ~Susan
Wiggs, Bestselling Author
"Warm and loving characters, and enough sexual electricity to power
California!" ~Romance Reviews Today
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Romance: Historical, Western
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